Wie muss ich ESET Smart Security konfigurieren, damit PhotoSync funktioniert?

You need to add the PhotoSync Communication Protocol to the ESET Smart Security firewall. To do this, please open the ESET Smart Security setup and select the Personal firewall setting:

Please enable "Automatic mode with exceptions (user-defined rules)" in the personal firewall "Filtering mode" if it is not already enabled and click "OK". Re-enter the setup. 

Personal firewall settings

Now select the "Rules and zones" settings in the "Personal firewall" section. You should now be able to click the "Setup..." button in the "Zone and rule editor" section. Click the "Setup..." button.

Rules and zones settings

Now the Zone and rule setup window opens. Click the "New" button to create a new rule in the Rules tab.

Add new rule

Enter a name for your rule (e.g. "PhotoSync"), select Direction "Both", select Action "Allow", select Protocol "TCP & UDP", and allow this for every profile. Now you're almost done. In the next step, change to the "Local" tab in the "New rule:" window.

Create a new rule 

Click the "Add Port..." button

Add a port for your rule 

Enter the port number 35722 in the text field. Click the OK button to save the rule.

Enter port number 35722 

Leave the settings and close the setup window. You're done and PhotoSync transfer should work now.


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