touchbyte releases PhotoSync 3.3 for Android

  • NEW Added caching of remote directories for FTP and WebDAV connections to speed up uploads to remote folders with many files in it
  • NEW Added support for shared drives in Google Drive
  • NEW Added new option to set the file modification date for WebDAV uploads to support the available WebDAV servers which allow a modification of the file date (ownCloud, Nextcloud,
  • Fixed detection of Toshiba Canvio devices
  • Fixed multiple reported app crashes
  • Changed soft button bar color in dark mode for open action menu (from white to dark)
  • Updated gallery generation. Generation should be now much faster than it was before, especially with display filters that define folder restrictions
  • Removed Amazon Drive support from PhotoSync because Amazon stopped the support of third party apps for Amazon Drive completely by September 25, 2019