Wie nutze ich PhotoSync mit einem NETGEAR ReadyNAS Gerät?

Wie nutze ich PhotoSync mit einem NETGEAR ReadyNAS Gerät?

This instruction should work for all NETGEAR NAS devices and routers that use the ReadNAS storage system.

Connect to your ReadyNAS device with a web browser and log in to the ReadyNAS operating system, usually you should be able to connect to the router/NAS by opening http://routerlogin.net. If you don't know the IP address of your ReadyNAS device yet, you can see it in the Network section.

Figure 1. Network settings
Network settings


Open System, Settings and click on FTP to make sure that FTP is enabled for your ReadyNAS device.

Figure 2. FTP settings
FTP settings


Open the Accounts section and make sure that you have at least one user defined that is able to access your ReadyNAS device.

Figure 3. Accounts settings
Accounts settings


Now open the Shares section and check if FTP access is enabled for the shares that you want to make accessible.

Figure 4. Shares


Click on the gear symbol next to the share and select Settings to open the settings for the share. Click on Network Access, then on FTP and make sure that FTP access is On for this share and that the user that you want to use is not having read only access.

Figure 5. Share FTP settings
Share FTP settings


To connect to your ReaqdyNAS with PhotoSync using FTP, open the PhotoSync settings, choose Configure > FTP and create an FTP connection with the following configuration values:


Server: IP address of your ReadyNAS, in this example
Port: Port number of your FTP service, in this example 21
Login: Username of your Synology user, e.g. steve
Password: Password of your Synology user
Directory: leave empty, can be selected later in the target folder settings
FTP Mode: Automatic


Tap on Done to initiate the connection. Use the WebDAV target you created to transfer photos to your Synology NAS or to browse and retrieve photos from your Synology NAS.


Figure 6. ReadyNAS FTP settings in PhotoSync
ReadyNAS FTP settings in PhotoSync


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