Wie kann ich die IP-Adresse (Internetadresse) meines Windows PCs herausbekommen?

To find out which IP addresses PhotoSync Companion uses to connect with your Wi-Fi or wired network (e.g. to confirm that your PC and your iDevice are connected to the same subnet), there is an easy way to list your active network interfaces without going into the Windows settings:

Please right click on the PhotoSync Companion icon in the Windows task bar to open the application menu.

Open application menu of PhotoSync Companion

Select the About... menu entry and you will see all your active network interfaces listed in the About Window under Network interfaces. If you are in contact with the PhotoSync support, and you have been asked for your IP address(es), please write down all network interfaces that are given with 4 numbers, each separated by a dot, in case of this example it is only one active interface with the IP address

About Window with active network interfaces

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