Wie kann ich den persönlichen Hotspot nutzen, um zwischen iPhone und iPad zu übertragen?

If you own two iOS devices, let's say an iPhone and an iPad, both running with iOS 4.3 or higher, you can use the personal hotspot feature of the iPhone to build a fast Wi-Fi connection between both devices to transfer your photos and videos.

Here is how you achieve it:

Enable the personal hotspot on your iPhone and set a Wi-Fi password for your connection


Figure 1. Personal Hotspot settings on the iPhone
Personal Hotspot settings on the iPhone


Enable Bluetooth if is is not running.

Start PhotoSync on the iPhone.

Disable Bluetooth on the iPad (we don't want to pair both devices via Bluetooth because the transfer is much slower than Wi-Fi transfer)

Connect the iPad to the personal hotspot Wi-Fi of your iPhone.


Figure 2. Connect to the personal hotspot of the iPhone
Connect to the personal hotspot of the iPhone


Start PhotoSync on the iPad.

You should now be able to transfer photos from the iPad to the iPhone and from the iPhone to the iPad both directions with fast Wi-Fi speed. Leaving Bluetooth enabled on the iPhone is a trick to fool PhotoSync to believe that there is a network connection around.

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