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PhotoSync Companion 3.1.2 für Windows veröffentlicht

Bug fix: Replaced PhotoSync web server with a newer release because the old one seemed to cause an unexpected end of stream error for some users stopping the transfers to the computer

PhotoSync Companion 3.1.1 für Windows veröffentlicht

Bug fix: Fixed the generation of the desktop short creation which failed on some devices
Bug fix: Fixed a problem generating too many event handles which have not been deleted

PhotoSync Companion 3.1.0 für Windows veröffentlicht

NEWChanged Tooltip icon which was looking very weird on Windows 10 installations
Bug fix: Fixed the order of the remote folders of Android devices. The "Use parent folder name" option was sorted alphabetically instead being shown at the top
Bug fix: Added additional MPG extensions to supported video formats

PhotoSync Companion 3.1.1 für macOS veröffentlicht

Behoben: Eine "Sofort Neu Starten" Nachricht wurde unter macOS Sierra mehrfach unter bestimmten Bedingungen angezeigt

PhotoSync Companion 3.1 für macOS veröffentlicht

NEU PhotoSync unterstützt jetzt macOS Sierra
NEU PhotoSync unterstützt jetzt den Import in die macOS Fotos App, wenn diese mit Referenzen arbeitet ("Objekte in die Bibliothek kopieren" ist deaktiviert in Fotos)

PhotoSync 3.1.1 (2638) für Android veröffentlicht

NEW Added display settings to show/hide folders in PhotoSync. If you don't want to view or transfer your WhatsApp images or your Downloads folder in PhotoSync, just hide it
NEW Autotransfer now works in background and in foreground. If you don't want it to interfere in foreground, just disable it in the Expert Settings
Added smoother transition from peek & pop view back to thumbnails view and removed flickering

PhotoSync 3.1.0 (2532) für Android veröffentlicht

Fixed reported crash that can occur when the file existance check for Google Drive doesn't get a valid result
Fixed reported crash that can occur when the custom settings of a PhotoSync service could not be read properly
Fixed upload error to Google Photos when no caption exists. Upload returns a "Bad request"

PhotoSync 3.1 für Android veröffentlicht

Hamburg, Germany – August 10, 2016 – touchbyte today is proud to announce the release of PhotoSync 3.1 for Android – a major upgrade to the most versatile and powerful app to transfer, backup and share photos & videos over the air.  PhotoSync 3.1 for Android includes over 100 new features  …
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