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PhotoSync 3.2 für iOS veröffentlicht

Over 50 new innovative features make PhotoSync 3.2 the most powerful and versatile photo & video transfer solution on the market. Highlights include SMB support, Share Sheet support, Automatic sub-directory creation for albums  …

PhotoSync Companion 3.2 für macOS veröffentlicht

NEU iPv6-Unterstützung
NEU Unterstützung für die kommende Version 3.2 von PhotoSync für iOS

PhotoSync 3.1.3 (2810) für Android veröffentlicht

Added additional error handling for Flickr uploads
Show an [quot]Access via web browser[quot] window in PhotoSync when a user accesses the device by web browser
Fixed non-working dupe check for SmugMug uploads

PhotoSync 3.1.3 (2794) für Android veröffentlicht

NEW Added a general "Any Wi-Fi network" option for the Wi-Fi based autotransfer
RAW photo support will be disabled by default to prevent performance issues building the photo library
Changed the sequence of the selected photos for transfer according to the display settings of the device

PhotoSync Companion 3.1.3 für Windows veröffentlicht

Bug fix: Fixed network connection lost error when trying to transfer large video files to the computer

PhotoSync 3.1.2 (2740) für Android veröffentlicht

Changed detection for sent/received files to prevent problems with altered media store identifiers
Added expert settings to disable Wi-Fi check if Wi-Fi check is not working properly
Added manually added devices to quick and auto transfer selection when creating quick or auto transfer settings

PhotoSync Companion 3.1.2 für Windows veröffentlicht

Bug fix: Replaced PhotoSync web server with a newer release because the old one seemed to cause an unexpected end of stream error for some users stopping the transfers to the computer

PhotoSync Companion 3.1.1 für Windows veröffentlicht

Bug fix: Fixed the generation of the desktop short creation which failed on some devices
Bug fix: Fixed a problem generating too many event handles which have not been deleted
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@photosync_app hi there, i saw the lattest update is more then a year ago. Is there still support on the app?